Coronavirus Update



  • Call (330.745.4497) or Text (330.903.3600) from the parking lot when you arrive.
  • Stay in your car. We will escort you into the office after reviewing a medical history. You may have to wait a few minutes in your car while your chair is prepared.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival with a touch-less thermometer.  Temperatures above 100.4 will be rescheduled. 
  • Preferably, only the patient will be allowed in the office. We understand there may be circumstances where a parent/family member is needed (1st appointment, or for young patients). In that case, only 1 additional family member is allowed.
  • A face mask / face covering will be required for anyone in the office (patients included).
  • We will be operating under a reduced schedule to maintain as much social distancing as possible. Please be patient with us if we are a few minutes behind schedule.
  • The brushing sink will be temporarily closed. Please brush at home.
  • Ipads, magazine, complimentary beverages will be temporarily unavailable.
  • Some procedures may need to be altered or delayed. For example, we can still take off your braces (Yay!) but we will limit the use of motorized handpieces to remove the glue until we understand more how the virus can be spread in the air.
  • We may look a little different as we utilize the proper PPE but we are VERY used to the CDC and OSHA guidelines from what we deal with annually with the seasonal flu virus. All team members will be screened daily and wear facemasks 100% of the time.
  • Temporary barriers have been installed in our clinic and front desk areas.
  • Special appointment times will be made for patients 65 and older or those with underlying medical conditions. Please notify us if you need special attention.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You all have been wonderful through this closure.

We couldn't ask for better patients and families!

Thanks, Dr. Barnett

(330) 745-4497
86 Conservatory Dr
suite A
Barberton, OH 44203